Why are dentists saying that POS changes everything?

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 4/17/19 4:36 PM

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars has over 8,000 graduates worldwide. Every week we hear how much orthodontics has improved their careers.

Two graduates share on video how POS changed their lives. They even became instructors because of their love for the program and orthodontics!

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Dr. Richard Richter, DMD, FAGD
New York, USA

"Progressive Orthodontic Seminars affected my career dramatically, It was like "woosh" the lights finally turned on, you know? So, previously I had taken some weekend ortho courses; they really didn't teach any orthodontics.

I always felt orthodontics was the missing link in my practice. As soon as I took an outstanding program like Dr. McGann had set up, it connected all the dots. It changed the way I planned my cases prosthodontically, it changed my periodontal treatment plans, it changed the way I approached TMD treatments. Virtually it changed everything."


Dr. Shelly Yu, DDS, MSC
California, USA

"Without having a full knowledge of orthodontics I just felt like there was a big void in my profession. Whenever we would see people or children coming in with some kind of problem that was related to their occlusion or alignment, we would just refer without knowing anything. This is not very satisfying.   

After training with POS, I feel like that big void not only got completed but got filled fully. The knowledge that I've learned from this seminar series really fulfilled me beyond my expectations."


Thousands of general dentists have taken POS and have added revenue, patients and new knowledge to their practices. It's your turn! Start creating your own orthodontic memories today!

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