Can I Learn Orthodontics at Home?

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 7/17/20 11:56 AM

This article is part of the series called “Dentistry in the time of COVID-19”.

New COVID-19 restrictions have limited class meetings and traveling. Even as some restrictions are lifting, many dentists are wondering if they can still learn orthodontics at the same level and have the confidence to offer the procedures in their practices if they choose to join an online program.

We are committed to the safety of our students and instructors as well as your ability to provide quality orthodontic care and have made adjustments to ensure we can provide options for you.

We have added extra resources and learning options to make education accessible to all dentists including both virtual, in-person, and self-study options. See all our class formats.


Video Clip of a hands-on exercise in a Virtual Classroom with instructor Dr. Wilfred deGroot:


Participate in high quality, live demos virtually!

We are confident that our state-of-the-art additions will enable dentists to get the same quality of skills as they would if attending classes in-person.


  • See up-close, with in-depth demos and videos, like your instructor is sitting next to you
  • Learn online now in the safety and comfort of your home
  • Gain confidence from practical, hands-on instruction
  • Interact with virtual exercises with feedback from top instructors*
  • Retake for free in-person with a hands-on lab or seminar if needed after

* Instructors can provide live feedback as well as emailed feedback, depending on the class and their technology access

Or, self-study with video recordings

Want more flexibility? Both our Aligner+ and Traditional Orthodontic Series also now have options to fully self-study, or mix self-study with interactive webinars. You follow videos with detailed instructor commentary and send photos of your exercise work to your instructor. With any format, you get the same in-depth feedback to give you the knowledge and confidence to treat your patients.


Share your questions and experiences of learning virtually below.


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