Dentists tried Progressive Orthodontics for a day. Here's what they told us.

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 4/5/19 9:08 AM

We have taught hundreds of dentists last month at our preview course, 1-day Intro to Orthodontics Seminars. These students were candidly honest about their experiences. 

It's one thing to hear from a company how great their services are, but it's another to hear real thoughts from your peers.
Find out what learning at POS is like by reading the comments from real students below:

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1.  In-depth Information

"Excellent course with plenty of information for 1st course."

"The subject matter is very interesting; lots of great information; cutting edge technology."

"Instructor was really good and very thorough! I'll now be able to screen more patients for possible ortho treatments. Great Class!!"


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2. Confident with Cases

"Presentation and cases were excellent, I will incorporate ortho in my practice now.  A very good course."

"I enjoyed the case representation and will now be able to see potential cases to start ortho."

"I enjoyed seeing different cases and how I can improve restorative dentistry as well. I am looking forward to examining now with ortho eyes."


3) Improving my Patient Care

"I enjoyed the clinical part and will bring back how to evaluate my patients with ortho concerns."

"Orthodontics is beneficial to the patient in many ways. I learned to introduce ortho and it may be in my practice in the future."

"I will bring back knowledge on selecting ortho cases and diagnosing and assessing patients."


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After only one day of our orthodontic education, these doctors were excited to be able to better help their patients. Just imagine what you can do with 48-days of a comprehensive orthodontic program!

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