Evaluating Dr. Dana’s Facial Esthetics – Does he pass his own test?

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 1/18/18 3:15 PM

When Dr. David Dana first revealed the Update 2018 topic to us here at POS Headquarters, we were so excited for the potential of this seminar to really bring major improvements to all POS students’ orthodontic work.

We were also very excited when all 5 of our handsome Update instructors agreed to appear on the cover of the course brochure. We hoped that you would not only enjoy seeing some friendly, familiar faces in your mailbox, but also enjoy evaluating them as if they were your own patients.

Being the good sport that he is, Dr. Dana sat down with us to evaluate his own facial esthetics, as well as answer some of our questions about Update 2018.


POS Team: Thanks for being open to this fun learning opportunity for our POS students. We really enjoyed seeing you and the other Update instructors on the brochure this year. What was it like to analyze each other’s faces using the facial esthetic measurements you’re covering at the Update?

Dr. David Dana: It was fun. I have a deep respect for all of these instructors and they are all good friends. We can laugh at ourselves, so it was very fun. Luckily we are all handsome. Haha!

POS Team: When you or another Update instructor looks at your dentofacial esthetics, what would he see?


Dr. Dana: After noticing my handsome face, they may find a few things. But kidding aside, I’d first notice that my E-Plane looks good on my side profile. But if I analyze my face with the new surgical line we’re teaching at the Update, you’d see that I have a slightly recessive chin and may want added lip support. While I don’t have major surgical defects, a couple millimeters of advancement could help define my chin and make a stronger jawline.


Looking at my front photo, I’d think that my smile could be a tad bit wider to see a bit more of the buccal corridor. For example, comparing my smile to Wilfred’s, you can see a nice wideness from Wilfred’s smile with a full buccal corridor. I could consider using a 016 niti expansion wire to round out my smile. It would also help me make my lips look fuller. I’ve always had thin lips.

I’d also notice my deviated septum that makes my face look a bit asymmetrical. I got that deviation when I did martial arts many years ago. Someone’s leg hit my nose. I like the battle scar, so I wouldn’t want to change that.

POS Team: You mentioned to us earlier that you created a 7-question Esthetic Interview that you’ll be sharing at the Update. How can this interview help doctors in their practices?

Dr. Dana: Most dentists have a difficulty with case acceptance since patients often think of their dentists as helping them with their dental health only. Patients may not understand that we’re trained to help their teeth and face look better too. We are now able to analyze their facial balance as well and treat many abnormalities or refer them. I am proud that our profession is transitioning and that we can be seen as experts in dentofacial esthetics. It’s our job to know how to discuss these things with our patients.

POS Team: Out of the 7 questions from the Esthetic Interview, which is your favorite?

Dr. Dana: That’s a hard one, but my favorite question from the list is: How much time do you spend thinking about your face and teeth? Although it’s a simple question, the answers I’ve gotten back from patients on this have really given me important insight to best treat them. If I didn’t ask this, I would have definitely had patients who would not have been as happy with the treatment outcome.


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If Dr. Dana was your patient, what would your facial analysis be? Share your comments or tips below.

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