Monstrously Malformed – Analyzing the Dental and Facial Esthetics of 8 Disney Villains

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 10/19/17 10:35 AM

In the spirit of Halloween, we are diagnosing the dangerously deformed. Whether or not your patients come to you in costume this month, you should be able to diagnose whatever trick or treat comes by your office.

A good esthetic dentist can help patients look and function better. With the right orthodontic and esthetic knowledge, you too can treat infamous celebrities like these Disney villains.



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Ursula, you poor, unfortunate soul….in addition to her octopus deformity, Ursula has some malocclusion and facial imbalances. She has deep sublabial fold from excess overjet, a bilateral crossbite, and a significant underbite. As her dentist, let’s help her improve her occlusion so she can more easily eat snails, try to kiss princes, and chat with her eels.



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Like his weak personality, Jafar has weak facial muscles, making him dolicofacial with a long face. He is also mandibularly protrusive with a large mandible to match his large ego. Do you think he would use one of his wishes to get good orthodontic results? If so, extraction may be a good treatment option for him if he wants to impress Princess Jasmine. Though, it would be hard to compete with the smile of Prince Ali.



The mistress of all evil has a well-balanced midface. With the exception of her deep sublabial fold, long pointy chin, and horns, some may even find her esthetically beautiful.

Judge Claude Frollo

claude frollo.png

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Although Judge Frollo dislikes Quasimodo’s deformities, he does not realize his own malformed dentofacial relationship. The ruthless judge has a bad edge to edge bite, concave profile and long chin. With an improper overjet relationship, his teeth will wear down unusually quick from eating, yelling at Quasimodo, and grimacing. Let’s hope that he can work with a dentist or orthodontist soon.




Photo Source: The DisGeek Podcast

Chi-Fu is not great with relationships and unfortunately that also translates into his occlusion. He has a bad antero-posterior relationship with over 8mm of skeletal Class III. Although orthodontics may help set up this case, orthognathic surgery and major restorative work would also be needed to help fix Chi-Fu’s occlusion and fill out his smile. A good general dentist would be able to help manage this complex case to create a good treatment map.




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As the god of the Underworld, Hades doesn’t seem to have easy access to dental treatment. A good esthetic dentist would help plan his orthodontics to fix his excessive spacing. His dentist may also plan to extrude teeth during treatment to be able to contour his irregular tooth shapes to be less vicious looking.

Queen of Hearts

queen of hearts.jpg

Photo Source: Alice-in-Wonderland.net

The Queen has a very convex profile where her lips fall significantly in front of her E-Plane. She also has deep sublabial fold from excess overjet. If her chief complaint is protrusion, talk to her about the treatment option of extracting teeth. If she complains more about her flowers being painted, then maybe she does not need treatment. She may be a good patient to refer if you worry about her patient compliance and her threats of beheadings.

Captain Hook

captain hook.jpg

Photo Source: The Disney Wiki

The feared captain has a large underbite and Class III. If he doesn’t want excessive wear on his teeth by the end of his career of sailing the open seas and attacking children, then he should see a dentist for orthodontic and/or orthognathic surgery help. If you decide to treat him, make sure to think about compliance before prescribing him Class III elastics or reverse pull headgear. His hook may make application of these items a bit trickier than normal.


Want to better diagnose the malocculsions or deformities of the Disney villains that come into your practice? Learn more about orthodontic treatment options in the Comprehensive Orthodontic Series or get a higher understanding with the Facial Esthetics & Orthodontics seminar.


What orthodontic treatment would you give your favorite villain? Share in the comments!

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