Short on Time? 4 Non-Traditional Ways to Study Orthodontics with POS

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 6/6/18 10:17 AM

Every year, hundreds of dentists express interest in learning comprehensive orthodontics, but extremely busy schedules prevent them from taking on the full study schedule of our traditional live classroom program.

Fortunately, if you are truly motivated to grow your orthodontic knowledge to a high level, you have options! We have created several flexible study paths to help you achieve your goals. Keep reading to learn what options are available and decide which course of study is right for you.

Option 1: Join our Internet Assisted Training (IAT) Program

Good for dentists who:
• Can’t spend Mondays out of the office
• Are self-motivated to complete online studies
• Enjoy working closely with just 1 instructor

Our Internet Assisted Training (IAT) program was specifically designed to meet the needs of busy dentists who would still like to learn high quality orthodontics. The IAT program gives you the same education as our traditional live program, but is instead condensed into just 4 live classroom modules, with the remainder of your studies to be completed online at home.

Online self-study includes cases, lessons, diagnostic exercises, videos, tutorials, and quizzes and can be completed at your own pace. Over 300 hours of comprehensive seminar video recordings included with IAT will build the foundations of your orthodontic knowledge. See the IAT curriculum

The IAT format cuts down classroom time to 25% of the traditional series. The required 4 live classroom modules are each 3 days in length (Friday-Sunday) and typically are scheduled over the course of 12-18 months. During these modules, your instructor will lead intensive hands-on workshops to build your fundamental orthodontic skills. Live modules are also a great opportunity to meet 1 on 1 with your instructor to address your personal needs or questions.

IAT students enjoy all the same benefits as live students including lifetime support, access to high tech resources (like our proprietary orthodontic diagnosis software, SmileStream), and lifetime free retakes.

Option 2: Create a custom combination of live and online study

Good for dentists who:
• Have to miss a live seminar due to a conflicting obligation
• Can’t attend a day from the Friday-Monday seminars
• Enjoy learning in a live classroom format, but are willing to complete online self-study when needed

For doctors who need greater flexibility, your course adviser will work with you to create a custom study schedule that fits your needs.

Let’s say you register for the course after Seminar 1 takes place, or have preexisting plans during another seminar, you can arrange to study the seminar you missed online.

If you can’t take Mondays (or Fridays) out of your practice, you can also attend 3 days of class live, and watch the video for the day you missed.

If you have to miss a seminar that contains essential hands-on training (Seminar 2, 3, 6, 7, 9 or 10) your course adviser may suggest other options to ensure you continue building your didactic skills.

Option 3: Attend seminars in a different location

Good for dentists who:
• Have to miss a live seminar due to a conflicting obligation, but would prefer not to make up the missed class through online study
• Enjoy traveling

If you have to miss a class or two, and prefer not to study online, the other option available to you is to travel to another location. You can make up a class at any of our series around the world. Many of our doctors enjoy this option as it allows them to write off travel for business purposes. Please contact your course adviser to make arrangements in advance.

Option 4: Arrange a private class

Good for dentists who:
• Don’t live near a current class and can’t travel
• Have at least 5 dentist friends who want to take the class with you
• Run multiple practices and want to train the full team together

For doctors interested in POS who don’t live near one of our seminar locations, we can arrange to bring the program to you. If you have at least 5 friends who would also like to learn orthodontics, we can host a private IAT class at your facility (number of required students varies by country). You can even request which instructor(s) you would like to come to you. This is a great opportunity to completely customize your orthodontic education.

We hope our flexible study paths help you achieve your orthodontic goals. If you have questions about customizing your study schedule, please get in touch!


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