Update 2019: Asymmetry in Orthodontics

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 1/22/19 4:02 PM

Update 2019 - Asymmetry in Orthodontics

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars' annual Update Seminar this year features the hot topic, Asymmetry in Orthodontics. Students will learn how to master the most under-diagnosed aspect of orthodontics with POS' new Asymmetry Protocol. Learn how to improve your asymmetry diagnosis so you can see more details on patients that walk into your practice.

Take a quick look at these patients and test your eye for symmetry diagnosis.

Dr. David Dana Previews the Update

HubSpot Video


Looking at asymmetry in orthodontics in some cases

HubSpot Video


The Update Seminar is designed to provide the POS Family new topics, cases, and advances in a fun environment. This year's topic will help any orthodontic provider on their cases.


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