Thank you, dentists

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 11/4/22 10:58 AM

This holiday season, we are taking a special time to appreciate what we have.

POS Family, we are thankful for you. Your dedication to your patients inspires us to keep teaching and innovating. We know the extensive time and effort that you have put in to reach a high-level of care. We truly appreciate your passion for your craft and are proud to be part of the world’s most robust GP orthodontic community with you.



We are thankful for you

  • 9,000 dentists have improved their orthodontic knowledge and care
  • Communities from 82 countries have better access to orthodontic care
  • 20,000 patients this year have healthier, more beautiful smiles 
  • 100% of our graduates have helped people smile better

It's because of you
It's because of you that so many more people around the world have healthier, happier smiles. Your hard work studying and expanding your professional care is heart-warming and meaningful.

Together we are changing the smiles and lives in our community for the better.


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