What is the Best Orthodontic Diagnostic Software Tool to Use?

Posted by PDS Branch on 2/23/21 4:46 PM

Discover the Best Orthodontic Diagnosis Software on the Market for Your Dental Office

Dr Micheal Berry using SmileStream Orthodontic Diagnostic Software
Plan treatment more efficiently and accurately by using an in-depth software program. Dr. Michael Berry using SmileStream.

Choosing the right orthodontic diagnostic software can help you to maximize your orthodontic efficiency by getting predictable outcomes with accurate treatment planning. While there are several orthodontic software programs in the industry, the best ones offer precise treatment planning systems, not just visuals to help your case presentation.

The software, SmileStream, has both of these features and more. You can create digital models and Visual Treatment Objectives (VTOs) where torque and tooth movements are precisely planned out for correct manipulation. Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) founder, Dr. Donald McGann, developed the best diagnostic and analysis software system on the market for accurate diagnosis and treatment of your orthodontic patients.

Discover the full suite of tools available in the SmileStream sections below to learn more about the multitude of resources readily available at your fingertips.

SmileStream orthodontic diagnostic software application platforms

Collaborate Section

Get answers to your burning orthodontic questions when you access this inclusive collaboration forum. Avoid treatment errors by taking advantage of the intellectual collective of those who have already gone through the trial and error process. Share your questions and experiences in posts that will be responded to by our renowned experts in the field of dentistry and orthodontic innovation.

snoopy loop whole mouth

Clinical Section

Plan and predict optimal treatment plans for your orthodontic cases in this robust, diagnostic section. By tracing cephalometric x-rays from your uploaded patient orthodontic records, SmileStream makes analysis, record keeping, and treatment planning a simpler task. With over 150 different treatment plan templates, case details will be organized for you to stay on track for each diagnosis workup.

Need a second pair of eyes on your case? Benefit from our community of mentors for your consulting services or easily share with a colleague. With notations and step-by-step guidance, it’s easy to communicate back and forth through the SmileStream platform to make any adjustments as treatment proceeds.

Ceph x-ray with tooth movement treatment plan


Store Section

This is SmileStream’s online marketplace where you can order all of the products you need to treat your orthodontic patients. Items like our Better Than Roth (BTR) orthodontic treatment kits, instruments, and adhesives are easy to find and are conveniently located in one place. Your IP Appliance™ prescriptions are designed through the clinical diagnosis section above and then sent to our service professionals to assemble the brackets, bands, and archwires per your specifications.

The store even has easy-to-use kits for doctors new to orthodontics or experienced practitioners who like organized setups. You'll find the Education Kit, Practice Kit, Archwire Kit, and many others available in the order menu to make your shopping easier.

Better Than Roth Rainbow

Education Section

SmileStream is more than just an orthodontic diagnostic software, it is also a digital learning platform. Take advantage of an extensive video library, online dental continuing education, and downloadable orthodontic guides, available at your convenience. Learn to become a better practitioner and add orthodontic treatment to your list of services from the best instructors in dentistry.


This orthodontic diagnostic software is rated #1 because it has everything you need to be successful in treating cases at a high level. In addition to advanced treatment prediction software, SmileStream has clinical support, education, and a full store with everything you need for your practice. 

Dr. McGann spent years developing the perfect diagnostic system that would give General Practitioners the best treatment plan software in the world, within a supportive online community. Sign up for your free SmileStream account to increase your expertise and become a part of the POS family that helps you excel and grow your practice with specialized orthodontic appliances today.

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