Which is Better: Live or Online Learning?

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 2/28/19 2:36 PM


If you're reading this article, you probably want to improve your care with orthodontics and may be wondering what's the best way to learn.  Progressive Orthodontic Seminars makes sure to have options to accommodate any dentist's schedule.

As a dentist, you're busy. At POS, we've provided different formats to match your different needs. You can learn to provide comprehensive orthodontics with your choice of a Live or Internet Assisted Training (IAT) format. This video and table shows you how POS' two learning formats compare.




  Live Format IAT Format
Learning Type Classroom Mix of: Classroom + Home Study
Classroom Time 48 days (12, 4-day seminars) 12 days (4, 3-day seminars)
Home Study Time 0 hours (0% of learning) ~300 hours (75% of learning)
Communication Ask questions at live seminars to the various instructors you'll meet throughout the series Ask questions to your dedicated instructor at the live seminar, or via email or phone when studying at home
Series Duration 19-22 months 14-18 months
Best For Dentists Who Thrive in class, want structured class to study, may not be able to study at home, like live discussion Thrive with flexible study schedule, willing to study at home and email questions, want to reduce time away
Lifetime Support Yes Yes
Orthodontic Software Yes Yes
Orthodontic Proficiency High High

*As of 2020, we have added additional remote learning options for those who need more flexibility or cannot travel. You can now take the full orthodontic program 100% virtually.

  >  View all learning options with their upcoming schedules here.

Take the time to find what fits your lifestyle and workload the best and join our POS Family when  you are ready.  We hope that this article helps you to find the method that will actually translate to better care and a return on your time and financial investment.  

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