7 Free and Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Yourself in the New Decade

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 1/28/20 12:19 PM


In the spirit of the new decade, we are offering free classes to encourage you to begin 2020 with a positive start!

Each and every new year, people look for new and better ways to improve themselves. As we are almost through the first month of the new decade, it's a great time to find manageable ways to improve your career and skills. What better way to improve yourself than to indulge in some free classes from POS! 

We offer multiple free courses that will earn you CEs or CPDs. They also help get you started on your path to growing your professional skills and opportunities, making the start of your new decade a bit more brighter.

How can education help me with my New Year's Resolution?

As you come back to the office after the holidays, you may be thinking of new ways to improve not only yourself, but also your practice too. Perhaps you want to improve your level of professional knowledge, fulfill your CEs early in the year, take home more money, work less, minimize those surprise problem cases, or offer better solutions to your patients. These are just a few ways that professional education can improve your decade. Why not start with some free classes from POS?

What will I learn from these free classes?

Our free classes will teach you about the basics of orthodontic diagnosis and orthodontic principles that will help any dental practice. You will learn how to select the best treatment options, how software can make your cases easier and more predictable, and how understanding tooth movement and occlusion can improve case results in all areas of your practice. Although these free courses cover orthodontic fundamentals, experienced dentists tell us that they found it worthwhile and were able to bring back many pearls of wisdom.

Will these free classes work with my schedule?


POS makes it easy to learn, no matter what your circumstances are. We offer formats that work for everyone's schedule, from day seminars to online videos and content available anytime.

Why should I take classes with POS?

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At POS, we are more than a learning platform, we are a family. We offer support to our students and graduates up until graduation and thereafter, from cases and mentoring, to supplies, we have you covered. Alongside these benefits, you also have the option to utilize our lifetime free retake policy. Here's what some of our POS Family had to say:
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Our 7 Free and Easy Orthodontic
Educational Resources for the New Year:

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Free Orthodontic eBooks



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