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Posted by POS Course Adviser on 6/19/18 9:20 AM

We strongly believe that any dentist can do great orthodontic work, as long as they have the right knowledge and support. Progressive Orthodontic Seminars provides comprehensive orthodontic education and support so students can be successful in every way.

We’ve been around long enough to know where dentists get stuck in their orthodontic journey (clinically, financially, and in business) and have developed many resources for you to make orthodontics a rewarding part of your career.

As a POS member, you have access to the following orthodontic resources and support. Take advantage of what’s available and rest assured that you can access these services anytime throughout your entire career.

Study orthodontics anytime, anywhere, alwaysSeminar 5

We strongly feel that dentists should be empowered with knowledge. Unlike some other groups, we hold nothing back so you can be the best adviser to your patients. Comprehensive understanding is needed to be truly successful and adaptable, and it’s available at your fingertips, whenever you want it.

With our Lifetime Free Retake Policy, you are encouraged to access any study content, video or live classes anytime in your career for no extra tuition.



Prefer to study online? This video preview shows how it works.

Use the latest technology to plan your cases comprehensively and efficiently

As a POS member, you can use the most robust orthodontic diagnostic software to plan your cases in great detail. The SmileStream orthodontic module is yours for free when you’re an active student and you can continue using it after graduation.

Need help with your orthodontic software? You can always contact our IT Support experts or watch video tutorials anytime.


Use a consultant to double check your orthodontic diagnosis and refine your treatment planning

This popular service allows you to connect with experienced practitioners to make sure you’re starting off right. Many doctors who are new to orthodontics like having a consultant double check that they’re tracing their ceph correctly, and not forgetting any steps in their treatment plans. This service can be very flexible, helping all experience levels. More experienced doctors also enjoy using this service to get more support and confidence on harder cases they want to take on.

You can currently access 40 different orthodontic consultants whom are available online and after class. Consultants typically charge a fee for their time and service and normally take between 1 to 7 days to reply.


Get mentored on an orthodontic case

Mentoring is a tier above the initial case consulting and is a nice long-term service. Mentors work with you throughout the case to ensure your success. With the ability to ask follow up questions and get advice with progress records, you see how an expert works on his/her cases and can learn more quickly with this extra guidance.

Many doctors new to orthodontics really enjoy this premium service. Experienced doctors also use mentoring instead of referring out a difficult case they want to start. Mentors charge a fee for their time and service.


Talk with a supply professional to determine your best orthodontic set up

New to orthodontics? Bought a new practice? Running a dental corporation? Talk with our supply professionals. They understand the demands and inventory needs of different clinics and can discuss the best set up for you. They’ll help you get what you need to assist the amount of patients that you want to treat efficiently. They can look over what you have and discuss your needs and limitations to prevent purchasing products you’ll never use. Although they carry a full array of the most effective orthodontic products, if they don’t carry something that you need, they can suggest where to find it.


Chat with other orthodontic enthusiasts 24/7

Support of friends and colleagues is wonderful and free. We created a social platform so you can connect with orthodontic enthusiasts from around the world whenever you want to. Post questions, share pictures, get advice on cases anytime from other members from the POS Family.


pos marketing package

Discuss advertising ideas with an orthodontic marketing expert

We strive to help you be successful on the business side of orthodontics too. Want to bounce around ideas as you’re thinking about how to grow your orthodontic practice? Need an experienced eye as you develop new marketing artwork, plan an incentive program, or create a new orthodontic page on your website?

Reach out to our team for extra insight. We don’t charge and are happy to help.

We also have marketing resources like posters, brochures, a free Treatment Guide, and patient website.


Work alongside an experienced orthodontic practitioner
don mcgann patient consultant

Want an expert in your office when you bracket your first patient or do a new procedure? Can’t travel and want to have an instructor go over any concepts or cases in your practice? With our In-Office Consulting service, you can hire an instructor to help you in your practice.

This flexible service allows you to customize a program that best fits your needs. You can work with the consultant in your practice or his/hers. Many doctors also use this to have an instructor train their team in-house. In-Office Consulting typically ranges from $1000 to $2250 per day plus travel and incidental expenses.

We want you to be confident in helping patients with top orthodontic care throughout your career. We hope you take advantage of these member resources to thrive in a new orthodontic specialty.

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