What is it like studying orthodontics at home? A peek into POS' online learning materials

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 7/10/19 5:27 PM


With better technology, it's now possible to grow your knowledge in many areas, including in orthodontics. It may seem appealing to grow your dental skills in between patients in the comfort of your home or office. Online study gives you great flexibility and allows you to minimize any costs and hassles of travel.

With our online materials, you may learn up to 75% of the Comprehensive Orthodontic Series without stepping outside. While you'd still need a few live classes to get instructor feedback and hands-on practice, you can now learn much more at home.

So what is studying online like with POS? This article shows you the 5 steps of what your online studying will look like.


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1. Learn through case presentations and lecture slides

This is the main portion of your learning. We will show you orthodontic principles, explain techniques and teach you how to diagnose properly. You will see orthodontic cases in great detail, to help you gain experience and  recognize what to do on cases in your practice. Case presentations will also give you the benefit of hindsight, records, and insight from an experienced instructor.

There are two ways that you can study this. Choose the format that best fits your style, or do both!:

IAT-trial-2Read PowerPoints: Look through the PowerPoints and see comments from POS Founder, Dr. McGann, and Educational Director, Dr. Dana. This method can be quite efficient.



wier-seminar-1-video-screenshot_ssWatch the Video: Prefer to listen to the lecture? Watch the videos of recent recordings of the live seminar. You'll get all the discussion and comments from the seminar (including jokes). This method is great for those that like audio learning and can be played at different speeds of your choosing.


2. Watch supplementary videos


Follow along with our SmileStream tutorial videos and technique videos to help you understand in better detail.

3. Review principles with the Study Guide

Use our Study Guide to help you understand important concepts of each seminar. Every major principle of the seminar is summarized in this valuable document.


4. Test your knowledge with a self quiz

In each online seminar you can take the self-monitored quiz to see if you're ready to move forward, or should review the Study Guide further. You must pass with a 70% to receive any CE or CPD credits for the seminar.

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5. Optional: Learn and see more with extra content

Want more? Access literature reviews on key orthodontic studies, print helpful orthodontic tips and protocols, and watch short clinical videos of procedures with commentary from Dr. McGann.

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tip small

Before you start learning comprehensive orthodontics, please look over your calendar and schedule in times to study. There is a lot to learn with both new principles and case repetition.

Our best Internet Assisted Training students have told us that they studied everything by blocking off times when they were fresh and able to self study. Setting up a 60 minute study schedule during your lunch or keeping a Homework Wednesday time block may keep you focused and on track. (Unsure if you can spend time studying at home? Compare the IAT learning format with our live version.)

The most difficult part of offering quality orthodontics is often prioritizing the time to set yourself up for success. So please set yourself up for success from the beginning.


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