Why Should General Dentists Provide Orthodontics? 7 Experts Weigh In

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 7/6/18 11:32 AM

As a busy general dentist, you may ask yourself why taking on an additional challenge of incorporating orthodontics would be a good idea for your practice. Seven seasoned pros share their expertise in the following clips!

1. Opens up more treatment options


"[Without orthodontic knowledge] you make misdiagnoses. If you don't know anything about it, you don't see it. There's a blinder and you don't see a lot of things. [If you don't know orthodontics] you don't see the options."

-Dr. Don McGann, founder of Progressive Orthodontic Seminars

2. It's lucrative


"From a business point of view, you'd be ridiculous not to be doing orthodontics as a general dentist because it's probably one of the most successful things you can do."

-Dr. Agim Hymer of Melbourne, Australia

3. Your patients know and trust you


"If we look at orthodontics in a GP practice, it’s the place where the patients come to see the dentist. That's the person they see over the years so they build a relationship with the dentist."

-Dr. Jacques Cilliers of Johannesburg, South Africa

4. Assistants can contribute greatly


"In orthodontics, the assistants are doing the bulk of the clinical work. In general, the assistants do everything from taking records to helping the doctor with band and bond procedure."

-Dr. Suzie Bergman of Vancouver, Washington

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5. Helps restore function


"You can use adult ortho as a tool to accomplish your ultimate goal, which is to restore function. In fact, we use ortho to improve perio. We use ortho to improve TMJ. So it's kind of a tool that has its place in the comprehensive treatment plan."

-Dr. Hans de Bruyn of Antwerp, Belgium

6. Brings you more referrals


"With ortho, when a patient sees a transformation in a year and a half, with no anesthesia, no pain, nothing really too complex involved, you see a lot more referrals. You see a lot more referrals to your practice because of orthodontics."

-Dr. Fawaz Habib of Tracy, California

7. Reignites your passion for dentistry


"Frankly speaking, after almost 15 years of dental practice, I got burnt out. Then I saw a magazine and decided on the course. Two months later I realized I had so many cases to do. If you know ortho, it's different. It makes you think differently. My whole practice changed."

-Dr. Vasanth Sivaraman of Chennai, India


What motivates you to provide orthodontics? Share in the comments below!

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