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Posted by POS Course Adviser on 6/2/21 5:02 PM

Starting cases early has proven to lead to long term orthodontic success. We encourage our students to start cases early on in their orthodontic education to help reach their full potential. We have created the free 5-Minute Quick Check resource to help students get started.

Identifying the appropriate case to start when new to orthodontics might feel daunting. Our instructors ease those fears by telling students which cases are good or not to start with. 

In 2 simple steps an instructor can identify which cases will be great to start. The 5-minute Quick Check is available to all students regardless of where they are in the series. Grads are also welcome to use this free resource.

1. Start with Taking Records
Gaby Taking Records GIF

A few pictures will be enough for this quick check.

  • Extra-oral photos of the face high-smile + lips at rest and profile lips at rest.
  • Intra-oral photos of front teeth, right lateral view and left lateral view.

Full orthodontic records helps instructors give better insight to the case potential. However, Quick Checks are informal making cell phone picture fine to use.

tip small If you want to take full orthodontic records watch this 3 minute video to learn how. 

2. Show records to Instructor
Azani and doctor looking at typodont

Show records to instructor in class during breaks. Not in class? Submit records online via SmileStream. (Learn how to send Quick Check records to Instructor via SmileStream)

Ready to start your case? Use these additional resources to help you prepare:

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