6 Tips to Avoid Orthodontic Relapse

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 4/1/21 2:47 PM
Have you ever been excited when you removed braces and saw a gorgeous finish? But then you noticed a few months to two years later, that your patient's teeth didn't have the same beautiful alignment, maybe with spaces reopening or teeth rotating back to their original positions? 
This "April Fools" type of case is called "relapse" and occurs because teeth often want to go back to their original positions. 
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What Materials Do I Need to Start Orthodontics in my General Practice?

Posted by PDS Branch on 3/15/21 12:56 PM

Exploring the Essential Orthodontic Products for Your Dental Office

General Practitioners use orthodontic products to improve patient outcomes; Dr. Helen Barron pictured.

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) and Progressive Dental Supply (PDS) are the authorities on the orthodontic products you should be using in your dental practice. 

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Reopening Letter from CEO Miles McGann

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 3/10/21 2:32 PM
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What is the Best Orthodontic Diagnostic Software Tool to Use?

Posted by PDS Branch on 2/23/21 4:46 PM

Discover the Best Orthodontic Diagnosis Software on the Market for Your Dental Office

Plan treatment more efficiently and accurately by using an in-depth software program. Dr. Michael Berry using SmileStream.

Choosing the right orthodontic diagnostic software can help you to maximize your orthodontic efficiency by getting predictable outcomes with accurate treatment planning. While there are several orthodontic software programs in the industry, the best ones offer precise treatment planning systems, not just visuals to help your case presentation.

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The 3 Essential Fields of Dentistry that Every Dentist Should Understand

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 2/17/21 12:06 PM
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Masks, Clenching and COVID, Oh My!

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 11/3/20 9:30 AM

This blog is kicking off the start of TMJ Awareness month!

What’s the hottest fashion statement in 2020? Masks are, of course! Whether it’s a homemade cloth mask, high-end designer mask, no-sew, with or without a filter, surgical disposable or Harry Potter reversible, people are expressing themselves with masks these days. In fact, thirty-three states and the District of Columbia mandate face-covering in public.

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How Well Do You Finish? See For Yourself

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 9/10/20 11:11 AM
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Ceramic Brackets Improvements and Summer Sale

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 8/20/20 2:38 PM
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POS Announces Free New Virtual Office Hours!

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 8/18/20 3:38 PM

POS is launching a new extra resource for you...and it's FREE!

Chat with a POS Instructor during any of our upcoming Office Hours time. During our launch month of August, we currently have three two-hour sessions, and are adding more times as doctors show more interest. See info and upcoming times

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Can I Learn Orthodontics at Home?

Posted by POS Course Adviser on 7/17/20 11:56 AM

This article is part of the series called “Dentistry in the time of COVID-19”.

New COVID-19 restrictions have limited class meetings and traveling. Many dentists are wondering if they can still learn orthodontics at the same level and have the confidence to offer the procedures in their practices.

We are committed to the safety of our students and instructors as well as your ability to provide quality orthodontic care and have made adjustments to ensure we can provide both.

We have had to temporarily limit in-person learning experiences. To replace this, we have added extra resources and learning options to make education accessible to all dentists.


Video Clip of a hands-on exercise in a Virtual Classroom with instructor Dr. Wilfred deGroot:

VC ZOOM Hands On Video DRAFT 3


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